The Best Women’s Shoes VIC – You Have to Own One!

If you say that men are the only ones who are obsessed with shoes, you’ve never been wrong in your entire life. Just like men, women also love shoes, and they wear theirs with pride. Their footwear is pretty much like jewellery for them that they flaunt and show off whenever they can. There are different types and styles of womens shoes VIC out there.

Aussie women have nothing but the best shoe collection, after all. But if you want to have the hottest shoes this year, then you need to look into this list of the best women’s shoes of all time. While there are shoes that are hot for only a year, this list is trendy no matter what year it is. Go over this list of the best women’s shoes now and complete your shoe collection.

Kyra Espadrille Wedge by Wildfire

The wedge is one of the latest trends in women’s footwear, and the Kyra Espadrille is among the best-selling variants here in Australia. With its thick platform, the Kyra can shape up and lengthen your legs to make them look longer and sexier. This Espadrille wedge features a lace-up design that you can either tie high and tight or low and loose around your ankles. Whatever you prefer, both versions are stylish and attractive, making Kyra a must-have for any girl’s shoe collection

Emmi Wedge by Wildfire

Women’s trends seem to look the same. But they do have some interesting feature to boot. Another wedge from Wildfire, the Emmi Wedge is getting the seal of approval for being included in this year’s best women’s Shoes VIC. It features a thick platform and an inlaid rope finish that will provide some attractive effects on your feet and legs. Along with its stylish crossover strap, the Emmi wedge it goes in smoothly around your ankle and into your toes. A great alternative to the Kyra Wedge, Emmi is a gorgeous-looking shoe that every woman must have.

Layla Mule Slide by Obsessed

We all want less fancy yet beautiful footwear. That’s why women look for something like the Layla Mule Slide by Obsessed. While it may seem simple, it isn’t your ordinary style. The Layla is eye-catching footwear that has bold black heed and a thick band cover across the toes for some added comfort and stability. The versatility of the slide is one of the reasons why it’s a yearly trend. You can use them on various occasions, events, and even at work. Layla is the comfort, everyday footwear that you want to have.

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