A Beginner’s Guide to Rendering VIC

Rendering – some people say it’s hard, while some people say it’s easy. If you’re looking to render your walls but can’t hire a professional, this article is for you! The truth is, you don’t have to hire an expert to render your walls. Rendering VIC is as easy as one-two-three!  Just follow the simple steps below, and you’ll be fine.


Clean Your Walls First


The first thing you need to do is to clean your wall and clear out any dirt and debris. If you’re rendering an old wall, you may have some old paint and render on it. Chip them away using a chisel. Make sure that it’s sharp enough for you to chip away any stubborn bumps, dried out renders, and faded paint. Now After scraping off any excess debris, the next thing is to scrub your walls to soften out any old hardened paint or renders. This will completely clear out your walls completely and leave nothing but a blank canvass. Make sure you use a stiff-bristled brush that has a long and short handle. The long handle is for brushing the higher portion of your wall while the shorter handle is for the opposite bottom end. Once you’ve brushed your walls thoroughly, wash it using a garden hose. Make sure the water pressure is enough to wash away any remaining dirt.


Mix the Rendering Solution Properly


At this moment, your wall is clean and ready for render application. The next step is to mix your render with water to create the rendering VIC solution that you need to stick onto your wall. We would assume that you’ve already bought your rendering mortar. If not, then you can purchase from us online. Fill water onto a bucket. If you want portability, you can opt for a wheelbarrow so you can move around if you’re rendering multiple walls. Make sure you pour the appropriate amount of water into your bucket or wheelbarrow. For a 20-kilogram render mortar, you’ll need about eight litres or two gallons of water. Once you’ve added the mortar, mix it thoroughly until it forms into a paste-like solution. Make sure it’s stiff and lump-free


Apply the Solution to Your Walls



Now that both your wall and render mortar is ready, it’s time to apply the solution to your wall. Use a trowel and smear a considerable amount of solution into a portion of your wall. Spread evenly until that portion of your wall is covered with your render mortar. Continue to cover other parts until the entirety of your wall is covered in the render.


After you followed each step, you now have a beautifully rendered wall in front of you. Congratulations! Share this simple step-by-step rendering VIC guide to your friends and family! You can also view other related articles when you visit our website.